Mission Statement

Founded on the principles of truth and integrity, we are committed to provide timely and reliable transportation and warehousing services to the business community in Southern California. We will only accept those tasks that we can achieve to our clients’ specification and satisfaction. It is our intent to become a key ingredient in your business success by being a reliable and trusted partner.

Alfredo Barajas
President of Pac Anchor Transportation Inc.

Latest Blog Posts

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    AB5 Signing Statement

    Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 5 also known as AB5 on Septemeber 18, 2019. The bill is intended to help reduce worker misclassification. Download the “AB5 Signing Statement” document for more information.

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    AB5 passage upends California’s independent trucking model

    An article by John Gallagher, Washington Correspondent, states that legislators in the California Senate have approved a bill that is supposed to protect workers in the “gig” economy, but will make it virtually...

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    California bill set to reshape drayage landscape

    According to JOC.com, legislation is before the California state legislature that will change the relationship between shippers, trucking companies and port drivers. This is currently a bill and the governor intends to sign...

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