Cargo Information

General Freight of all kind, tile, liquid, chemicals, tank, bulk, over dimensional, crated machinery.

CARGO Weights
Excess of 21.5 tons net cargo overweight permits required.

Maximum Permitted GVW:
95,000 lbs Combines Vehicle and Cargo Weight
Per 20′ TEU and 40′ FEU Gross Vehicle Weight

Maximum Permitted Cargo Tare Weights:
58,000 per 20′ TEU Standard Dry Containers
57,000 per 40′ FEU Standard Dry Containers
55,000 per 40′ HQ REEFER excludes genset weight
57,000 per 20′ ST REEFER excludes genset weight
55,000 per 45′ HQ Dry
55,000 per 40′ Open TOP
*above cargo weights reflect all shipping & packing

Permitted Axle Weights:
4 Axle Tractor Group Axle Weights 43,500 lbs
3 Axle Tractor Group Axle Weights 34,000 lbs
20’/40′ Triaxle Group Axle Weights 43,500 lbs

Allowable Combined Distance:
Maximum 65′ ft. Vehicle and Cargo

Permitted Over Dimensional:
Excess of 14′ Height
Excess of 8’6″ Width

Container Specifications