Pac Anchor Transportation is on the move with updating our trucks to clean energy. As a socially responsible company, we are heavily invested in protecting the environment while providing exceptional transportation services.

Clean Energy

The Cleanest Fuel
Redeem™ is a 100% renewable, organic fuel that comes from dairy farms and landfills—not drilling. In fact, by capturing the harmful biomethane gas that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere, it leaves the planet in better shape than it was before.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction
Transporting your products using equipment powered by Redeem RNG achieves a reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by at least 70% versus diesel and up to 300% depending on the source of the RNG. Clean Energy® is committed to making Redeem at least 100% carbon-free by 2025.

The Cleanest Engine
The new Cummins ISX12N engine emits 90% fewer tailpipe emissions than even today’s newest diesel engines, making it the cleanest engine for heavy-duty trucks available today. It is certified by both the EPA and CARB to meet the lowest nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions standards—all while proving to have the same power, torque, and reliability as its diesel counterpart. And as part of our Zero Now program, Clean Energy is offering a five-year Cummins engine warranty.

Extensive Fueling Network
Clean Energy operates a nationwide network of over 540 natural gas stations, many of which can accommodate heavy-duty tractors. And we’re not alone. There are over 1,700 natural gas fueling stations across North America, which means finding a natural gas station along your route is more convenient and accessible than ever.

Zero Added Expense
You or your carriers can now purchase new natural gas trucks for the price of diesel trucks through Clean Energy. We’ll even guarantee a fuel price on Redeem renewable natural gas (RNG) that is significantly discounted to diesel.

Grant Funding
Our team helps customers obtain grants in various states so they can easily transition to the cleanest trucks available. To date, we’ve secured hundreds of millions of dollars in financial support, making the switch to natural gas even more affordable
than ever.

Go Green. Go Clean.